FermForge is a custom crush facility and winery with the goal of producing the best yields on pressed fruits for our customers as well as the highest quality wine available in the state for our full service wine clients.

With capacity to process 25 tons of grapes per hour and more than 160,000 gallons of tank capacity for wine, FermForge is ready to take on projects across the spectrum in a timely manner without concern of spoilage of high pH fruit, fruit sitting around waiting to be processed, or unwanted phenolic extraction. Our Velo Unico lees filter is the first and only one in the state, allowing us the capability to extract the wine trapped in the lees and stretch our customers’ dollars and fruit even further for them. In low crop years, this will help wineries make the highest quality wine possible from their grape investment.

The facility is designed from the ground up with sanitation in mind. A clean winery means clean wines. With all of the equipment being brand new and of the highest quality for each stage of the winemaking process, this facility will be the first of its kind in Texas. The wines produced in this facility by our winemaker for our winery clients will be delicious, clean, shelf stable, and ready for distribution to tasting rooms and shelves across the state. FermForge is bringing cutting edge technology to Texas that has been proven in other markets. First in quality, first in Texas.