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  • Why use FermForge?
    FermForge brings to the table the most advanced winemaking technology and equipment in the state of Texas, with one of the most widely experienced winemakers in the state. Bringing more than millions of gallons of wine production from five countries and three US state, including Texas, California, Virginia, France, Argentina, China, and New Zealand.
  • What is "custom crush?""
    Custom crush is providing solutions for whatever winemaking needs you have. Most commonly, this is extending your cellar by using our tank space and your protocols. It can also be new product R&D, storage, fruit processing ("press-'n-go" or chilling/rack before shipment), or end-to-end winemaking services.
  • Does FermForge make anything other than wine?
    Yes! With beverage industry pioneers and experts, we are here to help you with any specialty beverage you have in mind. FermForge can make custom wine, hard cider, fruit wine (apple, pear, peach, etc), and meads for your needs.
  • What packaging options are available?
    Ou specialty is bulk (wholesale/unpackaged) wine, but we have many abilities! Whether you want your product bottled, kegged, canned, or bagged and boxed, we are here to accommodate our clients' needs and source the appropriate packaging for the client's goal.
  • Where can I get grapes to use for winemaking?
    If you do not have a grape source lined up, we are more than happy to facilitate finding the grapes that align with your winemaking goals and budget. No brokerage fee needed!
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