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Let us consider a few key factors that determine the style of white wine production, starting with the vineyard's terroir. The heart of every winemaker is the desire to create a wine of distinction, which is the ultimate goal.

As soon as the grapes are harvested, the priority is to separate the liquids from the skin as soon as possible; extended contact of even 12 hours can raise the pH, lower titratable acids, and cause the juice to adopt bitter, astringent flavors.

Pressing the grapes as soon as possible is paramount to preventing this. The Crush'N-Go service provided by FermForge can help make this happen.

We provide a state-of-the-art Armbruster Destemmer to separate the grapes from the stems gently before pumping them into a Willmes Sigma press, providing lower pressure, cleaner juice, and fewer lees. The press cycles, when run optimally, reduce the time in contact with the skins.

The over-extraction of phenolic compounds leading to astringent wines is risky if the harvesting and transport timeline from the vineyard to your winery is too long, not to mention unwanted microbial growth. Press your grapes as soon as possible; streamline your press time and avoid astringent juice or unintentionally making an orange wine. We are located in Brownfield, the proclaimed vineyard capital of Texas, in the heart of the High Plains.


Brian Cheeseborough

Director of Winemaking

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